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Hello Hello, I'm Daisy Teh!

I was born in the Philippines and raised in the U.S., a true Filipina-American! I was also a teen mom and became a licensed Cosmetologist by the age of 18. I worked for cosmetics companies like Lancome and Borghese during my college years (all while trying to raise two children before I was 21 years old). Fast forward to fifteen years and four kids later, and I'm all grown up as a corporate professional in Human Resources.

As a modern, millennial working mom with a background in beauty and my love for technology, I have learned to make time for myself even with the limited time I have. I am constantly on-the-go raising a family, working full-time, and being an entrepreneur with my ah-mazing husband (who is also a style blogger).

I've experienced a life of poverty and I've experienced a life of plenty. I know the feeling of unworthiness, worthlessness, and shame. Behind every success story was the struggle - and my struggles became my successes. This is why I am so passionate about making a difference in the lives of women, especially moms.

There is empowerment through transformation and I invite you along my journey in helping modern moms radiate effortless elegance.

Check out my blog and YouTube channel where you can explore my day in the life of a Mom Makeover Expert. They are the windows with which you can discover my beauty, style, and fitness secrets, tips, and experiences on how to strategically transform yourself in minutes.

You can also see what I’m up to LIVE, raw, uncut and unedited on Periscope and Facebook Live Stream!

Female, 36 years old

Las Vegas, Nevada


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