RUN A COMPLETE INFLUENCER MARKETING CAMPAIGN gives you a complete platform to run your influencer marketing campaign from start to finish. With the largest database of authorized influencer profiles, tools to help you reach out or accept applications and the ability to run reports on your influencers' content performance, has your back at every step. Best of all, you can use the platform for free. Get started with a business page today.

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Build Your Page

A Business Page show influencers the essentials about your company so they can quickly decide if your brand and products are a good fit for their audience. Add your social media channels, product photos, and all the influencers you have worked with in the past. Business Pages are public so you can share them on your social channels to find potential influencers.


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Find Great Influencers

Use our world-class search tools to can narrow down our 50,000 influencers to a small group that you think might be a good fit for your project. Influencers build their own pages and show off who they have worked with. Find them by location, category, brands they have worked with and other advanced search criteria.


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Let Them Apply

If you don’t want to spend time reaching out influencers, you can set up a campaign and let them apply to you. You can set application criteria such as followers, location, rate information and much more. Most campaigns receive 60-100 qualified inbound candidates in the first week.


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Organize Your Influencers

Organize your potential influencers and applicants onto lists. Group them by location, project or even their audience size. You can share these lists with your team members and easily move influencers between lists as you narrow down candidates for your campaign.


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Track Your Progress

As influencers start to post content for your campaign, you can use our advanced reporting tools to find every piece of content they have posted and to calculate the engagements you have received from them. Easily find out who has posted and who has not. No more spending hours a day looking through Instagram accounts to see how your campaign is faring. Reports can be shared with your team or easily exported to cvs.

Sign-Up Free Now

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Take a Class

If you’re not ready yet, check out our quick email class on how to run an influencer marketing campaign. With you’ll be harnessing the power of influencers marketing in not time at all.

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