What is influence.co?

For influencers, influence.co is a free, public, online profile and media kit platform. Think of it like LinkedIn designed for influencers and social media experts. Just like every professional needs a presence on LinkedIn, every professional influencer should have a profile on influence.co.

For businesses, influence.co is a complete toolkit to run an influencer marketing campaign. All for free you can discover influencers, recruit them, work with them and track the content they produce.

Why should I be on influence.co?

influence.co is the best place for influencers to showcase themselves and their work to brands and businesses across the globe and offers a number of mechanisms to help influencers promote themselves.

Influencers can share their influence.co profile with any brand, agency, talent manager, photographer or other influencer using their public and personalized link. Our online digital media kits are dynamic so social media statistics and engagement rates are always up to date. You can also put a lot more information into a digital media kit than you could in a standard media kit saved as a PDF or PPT.

How do I sign up?

Claiming your profile is easy, you must be logged into your Instagram account and then visit this page. From there, follow the instructions to complete your profile. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.


How do I select my account type?

The account type you select will affect how your profile is displayed on influence.co. We have 4 different account types; influencer, representative, business and agency. Learn more about each type and how to select the right one for you by reading this blog post.

How do I change my account type?

To change your account type login into your influence.co account, scroll to the Account Type section and click the “Change Account Type” button. If you’re wondering what the correct Account Type is for you, read this blog post.

How do I get my profile featured?

With over 40,000 members, we only feature the very best profiles. The best profiles are not only the ones of big influencers with huge reach. When considering whether or not to feature a profile we consider the following: complete bio, location, categories, do they have at least 6 pieces of featured content with reputable brands and businesses, their background image and if they have published rate information.

What are the different badges I see on profiles?

There are 3 types of membership with influence.co BASIC (free), PRO (paid) and SELECT (invitation only). PRO memberships are monthly subscriptions which receive access to a collection of premium features like unlimited business applications, the ability to see who has viewed your profile and the PRO badge. You can learn more about our paid plans and upgrade to PRO here. SELECT is a hand curated collection of top tier influencers and is currently invitation only. You can learn more about SELECT membership here.

How do I update my social media stats?

The total reach metric that you see is a sum of all your followers on all networks you have authorized with influence.co. The engagement rate is for Instagram only and is calculated based off likes and comments on posts from the last 45 days. If any of your follower counts look wrong, simply login to your influence.co account and then wait 24 hours for your follower counts to update.

How do I sign up with different or new (second) account?

In order to sign up with a second account or login with a different account, follow these steps:

  • Sign out of influence.co using the drop-down menu in the upper right corner under your picture.
  • Log out of Instagram (if you’re using influence.co on your phone or tablet you must log out of Instagram from the same web browser you are using to access influence.co, not from the Instagram app itself).
  • Sign up or log into influence.co and authenticate your Instagram account again when requested.

We don’t currently have functionality to switch between accounts without logging out completely.

How do I add a widget to my blog?

Every influence.co profile also comes with a dynamic embed card that you can put on your blog or website. Many influencers, like Captain Barto will put this in the sidebar of their blog or on their “About” page. It’s part of your free subscription and only takes a minute to install on most blog platforms like WordPress.

Sharing or embedding your profile is easy. Simply login to your account and click “Promote Profile” from the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner.

How do I add featured posts?

You can feature posts from Instagram, Pinterest, your blog or SnapChat. You will need to tag the post with the @name of the brand you collaborated with. For Instagram, the actual @handle must appear in the post caption or as a tagged user. For all other platforms, the @handle you give comes from Instagram (e.g. use the Instagram name for a brand and not the Pinterest handle if it is different). Featured posts can be paid or unpaid.

Login to your influence.co account and scroll down to the “Featured Post” section for your desired social channel.

  • TO ADD FEATURED INSTAGRAM: Select photos from your Instagram account where you have promoted or highlighted products or brands and businesses (paid or unpaid). You must have tagged the photo with the @name of the brand or account. To find photos for a brand, type in the @name and we’ll get all the photos you posted recently about them and let you pick which one you want to show off.
  • FEATURED PINTEREST: Enter the URL of a pin you want to highlight. Then enter the Instagram (not Pinterest) @name of the brand or product the pin is about. We use Instagram handles throughout the site for consistency.
  • FEATURED BLOG: First, enter the URL of a blog post you want to highlight. Then enter the Instagram @name of the brand or product the blog post is about. You can add a post from any blog including guests post on other blogs.
  • FEATURED SNAPCHAT: There is no way to directly reference Snapchat content so we allow you to upload any saved picture or video content you've used on Snapchat. Upload a photo or video then enter the Instagram @name (not the Snapchat name) of the brand or product the content is about.

How do I add a background image?

Click on the camera icon in the upper right hand corner of your profile and follow the prompts from there.

How is my engagement rate calculated?

Engagement rates are calculated from Instagram posts only and are based on the average likes and comments on posts from the last 45 days.

I can’t see my engagement rate?

From time to time you may have to tell Instagram to renew your account authorization with us. To do this simply:

  • Sign out of influence.co using the menu in the upper right corner menu under your picture
  • Sign into influence.co again

How do I enter my location?

To enter your location you’ll need to include; City, State and Country.


How do I apply to businesses?

In order to apply to work with a business, you must have your location set, an email address and at least 1 piece of featured content. Some businesses will add additional filters such as follower count, gender, location and engagement rate to their campaigns. You will be able to see that criteria before you apply. Visit influence.co/go/brands to see all the businesses who are currently accepting applications from influencers for their campaigns.


How does influence.co work for a business?

influence.co offers two main services to businesses: 1) Use the extensive influence.co search capabilities to discover and connect directly with influencers. You can search based off categories, reach, location or past collaborations and reach out directly to influencers from influence.co. 2) Have influencers apply to work with you on a campaign. If you are a business and currently looking for influencers to collaborate with, claim your influence.co business page, complete your account and set up a campaign and you can begin receiving applications from influencers.

How do I set up a campaign on my business page?

Login into your account and click on the icon in the upper right hand corner, and click on “My Campaigns”.

Enter your campaign details and click “Save Campaign”, don’t forget to enable applications if you want influencers to apply to work with you. If you want to learn more about creating and running campaigns you can sign-up for our class, How to Run an Influencer Marketing Campaign (for free) on influence.co


How can I remove my account?

If you wish to remove your account please send an email to support@influence.co from the email that is listed as the contact in that account. Please include the Instagram handle of the account. If you care to share with us why you’d like your account removed we always would love to hear that. Account removals are permanent.

How can I cancel my pro subscription?

To cancel any subscription please email support@influence.co with the Instagram username you would like to cancel and the email address that we have on file for that member profile on influence.co. Your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the current billing cycle and you will have full use of your subscription account features until that date.


Welcome to the influence.co FAQ page where we have answered many of the most common questions we receive from our users. Take a look and see if your question is answered here, it will save you time before reaching out to support.

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