Whether you manage talent and influencers for a living or you help clients run influencer marketing campaigns, gives you and your team a complete platform to become influencer marketing professionals. We have the largest database of authorized influencer profiles, tools to build digital media kits and run full influencer marketing campaigns, and an active market of opportunities for everyone. We also have the unique ability for your teams to work together to manage your clients. Best of all, you can use the platform for free.

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Build Your Page

An Agency Page lets you show off your clients to the world and possibly attract new ones. Whether it be your roster of modeling or influencer talent or the companies you run influencer campaigns for, it’s always good to let the world know who you work with. Agency Pages are public so you can share them on your social channels to recruit more clients.


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Find Great Influencers

Whether you’re looking for new talent to represent or influencers to collaborate with on your campaigns, our world-class search tools will narrow down our 50K influencers to a small group that you think might be a good fit for your project. Influencers build their own pages and show off who they have worked with. Find them by location, category, brands they have worked with and other advanced search criteria.


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Organize Your Influencers

Organize potential influencers or clients into lists. Group them by location, category or even their audience size. You can share these lists with your team members and easily move influencers between lists as you narrow down candidates for your campaign.


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Work Together allows your team to work together. Your team can build and share lists, manage your clients’ profiles for them and even apply to or manage campaigns on your clients’ behalf. No more logging in and out of Instagram accounts till you’re blue in the face, our team management system lets you jump between profiles easily.

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See Industry Rate Data collects and publishes the only public influencer rate database. Sort by category, location, and follower count to find the average amount brands or paying and influencers are earning by post.

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