About Releaf Cosmetics, Inc.

Industry's finest topical cannabis and CBD infused pain creams and ointments that are so effective we are changing the psychology of those who suffer from minor, major, and chronic pain by alleviateing discomfort with just a dab of our natural CBD miracle cream. The old days of going to the doctor for prescription drugs are over. We want people to try natural healing methods first with a focus on wellness and an improved quality of life before having to take prescription medications that cause dangerous short and long term side effects. Our 7 Leaves Remedy Cream™ is designed to help those who need it most, naturally. If we're healing, we're helping!


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Help Spread Relief with 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™ from Releaf Cosmetics, Inc.

Looking to boost our brand and product in the pain relief, CBD, medical cannabis, holistic, wellness, naturopathic, and natural healing demographics. Help us reach more people to help them find relief from pain, naturally. Our primary goal is to generate revenue for the company while acquiring more mentions, tags, and posts to gain more recognition and further reach. We are open to discussing various payment options, products, etc. depending on what you can deliver. The influencer should be deeply rooted in the medical, holistic, natural healing worlds.

Our product is a high quality lotion containing CBD from the hemp plant. Our products do not contain THC and are legal in all 50 states. We are in the midst of adding 2 additional products and more to follow as we continue to grow.

Although Releaf Cosmetics, Inc. is a new company, together with our manufacturer we have over 50 years of experience manufacturing luxury cosmetics and skin care products for the spa industry. We pride ourselves in manufacturing the finest all natural Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from the industrial hemp plant grown here in the USA. We use the finest all natural CO2 extracts such as CBD from Full Spectrum Hemp, Arnica Montana, Grape Seed Extract, Aloe Extract, Geranium Oil, and Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract. 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™ comes in a 2 oz. tube. The cream is a light skin soothing lotion, that's non-greasy, absorbs quickly and smells fantastic. Most importantly we use nanotechnology which encapsulates the fatty acids from the 7 essential extracts which create millions of microscopic time release beads which bind the ingredients giving it the same effectiveness with every use while also boosting natural collagen in the skin. We have been told that the cream helps relieve pain from a variety of physical ailments as well as discomfort from many types of moderate to sever skin conditions.

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