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I’m Alix, a twenty-something baking addict and self-taught photographer from London, England.

My Kitchen Drawer was born in 2015 as a way to document all the creations I was baking having just moved from from Buckinghamshire to London. For the first few months with my social life somewhat halved I decided to fill empty weekends with a hobby I’d always dabbled in but never before had time to master. That hobby was baking.

The more I baked the more equipment I accumulated and at the time my petite square kitchen had only one narrow drawer to house them. My Kitchen Drawer is an incarnation for this narrow drawer and it’s where my baking journey began.

On my blog I share recipes, tips, tutorials and baking life muses. Sugar comes first, however with the ever-increasing need for healthy alternatives; Raw (no bake) recipes also make a welcome appearance.

In a nutshell; it is my Baking Biography.


Epsom, England, GB


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