Meghna Jewels is the creation of Chicago based fine jewelry designer, Meghna Patel. Inspired by her Indian heritage, Meghna uses precious gemstones and layering her designs with her signature diamond pave arches. The fine jewelry line embodies unique, edgy and fiercely gorgeous jewels. The brand is defined by its use of diamonds, gemstones, gold and structural silver to develop adventurous, luxurious and wearable pieces.
Meghna debuted her first trend jewelry collection in 2011. The pieces were an instant hit and have graced many publications like ELLE, VOGUE, O Magazine, Brides, Life & Style, Latina and many more. It has also been worn by Blake Lively and Kelly Rutherford in the hit TV Show “GOSSIP GIRL”. The trend line was carried in many reputed stores including Calypso St. Barth, Tootsies, Fred Segal, Sophie’s Closet (Dubai) and many more.
After the success of trend line, Meghna transitioned into a fine jewelry line to focus more on the creative side and designing unique pieces


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Create brand awareness for MEGHNA JEWELS & drive traffic to website

The brand has been featured in many top publications like VOGUE, ELLE, Oprah Magazine, Latina and many more. It has also been featured in hit TV show "Gossip Girl". Worn by Kelly Rutherford and Blake Lively.

It's a "IN KIND" collaboration.
Product Value receiving as Gift - One piece of fashion jewelry of your choice.

Product to feature in return for the gifted piece

1x blog post – dedicated post about Meghna Jewels - let us know if you do not have a blog when you apply
Minimum word count 300
At least 3 images featuring fine jewelry collection - Claw Collection & Bora Bora Collection
1 fashion jewelry featuring the jewelry you choose.
Link to https://www.meghnajewels.com/

Tag relevant hashtags #MEGHNAJEWELS #MJStyling #Boraboracollection #Clawcollection in all social media post and blog

Supporting social media post - will appreciate if you cross promote Instagram post on facebook & youtube
2 to 3 x Instagram post featuring fashion pieces that you receive as a gift
1x instagram post featuring fine jewelry with multiple photos swapping.
eg- https://www.instagram.com/p/BYRq8SEFvrL/?taken-by=alexiacelebrity

Caption Requirement - you can reword with your own voice ensuring all details are included.

Looking for fiercely gorgeous jewelry, we have teamed up @meghnajewels. Follow @meghnajewels and get 15% off with coupon code "uniquecode". Be sure to sign up for their newsletter, https://www.meghnajewels.com/ for a chance to win $500 Gift card. As seen in "Gossip Girl", worn by Blake Lively & Kelly Rutherford. It has been featured in top publications such as Vogue, Elle, Oprah Magazine and many more.

Check out the new Claw Collection & Bora Bora Collection. A luxury lifestyle brand noted for designing fiercely unique fine jewelry, highlighted with signature pave arches with unparalleled craftsmanship, handmade with precious gemstones, gold, sterling silver and diamonds. The signature pave arches signifies fierceness and letting going of fear, taking a step forward in what you believe in and pursuing your passion.

Post should be created within 15 days after you receive your gift.

Total 3 to 4 Instagram post
2 fashion jewelry post for gift received (1 video optional, 2 image)
1 fine jewelry repost with multiple photos(swapping image)
1 blog post
Cross promote on facebook & youtube coupon code, optional - Insta stories
Add website link and your coupon code in bio for 3 to 4 days.

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