Influencer Email Classes

Improve your influencer marketing skills in as little as 5 minutes a day. Our How-To Classes are designed to deliver you one email a day over a 5-10 day period and make you an expert by the end of the class.

Whether you are an influencer who is looking to up your game and become truly professional or a brand marketer who wants to understand how to launch campaigns on, we’ve got you covered.

Available Classes

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How To Be a Professional Influencer

What does it take to be a professional influencer? It’s more than just a lot of followers. This step by step class will walk you through what it takes to pitch yourself, price your collaborations and deliver results brands will rave about.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Influencer Profile

Learn all the ways you can benefit from your influencer profile. This class dives into all of the tools, features and resources available to influencers for free via an account.

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How to Run an Influencer Marketing Campaign (for FREE) on

We’ll break down each step of the campaign process and show you how to use the platform along the way.

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