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I am a Socal based photographer specializing in food and product photography. From a simple social media account, I have uncovered my passion for photography and food. My aim is to make a 2D image convey emotions that spark all five senses.

I graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2015 with my BA in Film, hence my longtime passion for the visual arts. During my last semester of college, I purchased my first DSLR, used, online and began experimenting with photography.

Now I work both with companies and for fun in my spare time. I am lucky to have networked and continue to meet individuals with the same passion, allowing me to attend special events and tastings. I am a vegan and have a deep passion for the lifestyle. My hope is to influence others to try cruelty-free food through my images. We don't just eat salad, and I love showing the amazing offerings that I am still able to eat.

When I am not shooting, I love being outdoors and traveling, despite my fear of flying. I can usually be found in another city every month or so. I want to explore the world and take my camera along for the ride.

Female, 25 years old

Los Angeles, California


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CHAYA Restaurants


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Mint & Basil


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Real Food Daily


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The Hive Santa Monica


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Evo kitchen


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