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Hi! I'm Elyse and I like to think of myself as your not-so-typical San Diego girl. While I love my beaches and laid back California lifestyle, I always feel that my heart is being pulled in many different directions and world locations. At my core I'm an adventurer, and have a bad case of wanderlust, which led me to numerous continents and living in Asia twice. I also don't aspire to the casual wear of my San Diegan counterparts, I prefer a sleek and edgy ensemble to shorts and flip flops any day.

By day I'm a freelance content and social media marketer. It's been a dream come true to work for myself because I strive for ultimate freedom and flexibility. Also, it's given me more time to invest in making my blog dreams a reality, yay!

More than anything, through Faith in Style I hope to share my passion for living every day to its fullest, accepting and loving yourself, and staying true to your authentic self. The biggest way I show these aspects of myself is through the fashion I wear, it's one of the truest forms of personal expression for me!

Hope you will join in my journey through navigating this life, and remembering to always have Faith in your Style.


San Diego, California


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