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Why be ordinary when you can be Distinctive?

Distinctive is about upmarket laundry fragrances and superior wash performance on multiple fabric types. Our fully built enzyme formula means you achieve a superior wash using less heating and water than many other conventional formulas. We are designed to work in harmony with a modern HE machine and recommend you select the eco programme settings that wash long and slow to reduce energy consumption.

As a designer-label safe brand we don't use a separate fabric softener, optical brighteners or bleaching agents and are safe on sensitive skin, SLS, Paraben and Methylisothiazolinone Free.

All or surfactants are readily biodegradable reverting back to silica (sand) in the environment.

We also produce matching fabric and room fragrance sprays which are perfect to boost fragrance as you iron or on soft furnishings and fabrics that can not be laundered regularly.

You can currently choose between our Masculine sandalwood and amber fragrance and our white blossom, violet leaves essential oils moss and musk Relaxing fragrance for a good night's sleep. :smile:

We are in loose powder form:-

1st and foremost because hospitals have zero reported incidents regarding children, OAP's and pets compared to both liquids and tabs who report up to 1 an hour. (every single hospital in every single country around the world) Having seen the third degree burn damage to the eye area that a liquid tab caused an Old chap who hadn't realised and therefore not rinsed it off immediately I felt it was manufacturing responsibility to look at the safer option.

2nd we can avoid using unnecessary preservatives such as methylisothiazolinone as powder!

3rd Liquids won't hold designer fragrance or our fab fix base molecule in suspension without requiring unnecessary chemicals to dilute and dissolve.

4th Dry powder spreads evenly across a wash load before dissolving with the addition of water meaning that the formula has a better opportunity to spread evenly across the entire wash compared to a liquid which lands as a splash on a patch of dry fabric and is absorbed.

It's not Rocket science but it is still science and powder isn't old fashioned! Ta Dahh :thumbsup:


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