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Stephanie (@letslearnaboutscience) is a mom, scientist, author, and new influencer. She turned to the community on Answers for advice on how to set her rate. Influencer marketing expert Stephanie of @socialcreatesimpact provided her with numerous tips such as defining her ideal rate, acceptable rate, and minimum rate. She’s now leveraging those rates in her communication with brands and has begun to turn influencer marketing into a profitable business.


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Cathy (@thecathydean) created a Creator Community for Foodie Bloggers and influencers so she can share her knowledge and build a community. Scott (@bartlowsbbq) is a new member of the Foodie Blogger community and asked how to promote his YouTube channel using Pinterest. Cathy suggested switching to a business account and creating a 1:2 ratio pin that represents the YouTube video he wants to drive traffic towards. Scott implemented her tips immediately and has already seen an increase in reach of 700.


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Foodie Bloggers and influencers

created by
Cathy Dean

Hey everyone!! Please use this channel to introduce yourself to the Food Bloggers and Influencers community! Tell us your name, where you're from, if you have a specific food-niche you like to promote, and anything else you'd like to share. Feel free to drop a link to your blog and/or main social media influence platform!

Community Advocates

created by

Hey my name is Sammie, I grew up in New Jersey but recently moved to Long Island, NY. I am a lifestyle content creator and you can usually find me on Instagram or TikTok. Fun fact, I actually hate being in front of the camera! For me, community means having a group of people around willing to share value, and help one another grow!

Social Media Guide

created by
Niecy Vaughan

Hey y’all I’m Niecy. I’m from Maryland but currently residing in the great state of Texas. My main focus for my content is fashion. However, I love to dabble in kids, food/drink, beauty and home. I pretty much mix lifestyle within my content lol. I do have a larger presence on Instagram. I am spread out on Facebook, Tik Tok and Pinterest ...

What the Frizz

created by

Hi everyone! Thank you for joining What the Frizz? hair community. I just wanted to share a little information about me. My name is Sydney and I'm 26. I currently work 9-5 doing social media management and operations. When I'm not working I'm in school finishing up my master degree while modeling on the side. In the midst ...

Christina (@veryhungrygreek) came to influence.co to work with brands who have the same vision as her. She shares with the community that she is going to quit her full-time job, and is leveraging influence.co to help her become a full time food blogger/influencer. She expresses her excitement and looks forward to seeing where influence.co can take her and her career.


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