About Phenoh Hydration

Welcome to BETTER HYDRATION by Phenoh, where our mission is to make healthier, more effective hydration beverages available to everyone.

Phenoh is the first and only plant-based, electrolyte hydration beverage with an ALKALINE pH. This may seem very simple, and it is. Most consumers do not know how acidic bottled beverages are, and what that acidity does to our health, teeth, and performance.

Combining the benefits of plant-powered nutrients, alkaline minerals, and hydrating electrolytes, Phenoh is made with just 7 premium ingredients, has more potassium than coconut water, is low in calories, and has a pH of 7.4.

Phenoh is the perfect blend of plant-based nutrients, alkaline minerals, and hydrating electrolytes, scientifically formulated to reflect and support the body's natural chemistry. We aim to provide simple solutions to widespread problems with bottled beverages today.

For more information, please visit us on our website, www.phenoh.com.

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Why drink Phenoh?

- More alkaline minerals than alkaline waters
- More organic nutrients than vitamin enhanced waters
- Less sugar, lower calories and more alkaline than coconut waters
- No preservatives, additives artificial colors or sweeteners
- No high fructose corn syrup or GMO’s
- High potassium (700mg/8oz), with no added sodium


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