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Hiya, I'm Irene and welcome to Petite Plus, Meow! A body-positive lifestyle blog written from the perspective of a petite, curvy, city-girl and her mis/adventures in fashion, world-travel, cuisine and more.

The focus of my writing is simple: What I Wore & What I Did (while wearing it). I try to write and share my experiences via my outfit and my storytelling. My outfits are not worn just for a photoshoot. I actually LIVE in them and capture moments often while I'm out and about.

Speaking from a petite, curvy, large-chested perspective, Petite Plus, Meow provides reviews and insights on all things a full-figured body positive city girl need know – whist helping other curvy ladies embrace their inner fashionistas and honour their curves!

This is just the beginning for my adventure, I would be a pleasure to have you along.
Keep up with me at: @PetitePlusMeow on all social media and via email at :thumbsup:


Toronto, Ontario, CA


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