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Hey! I'm Raquel, nice to meet you!

I'm a restless explorer, traveling around the world in search of unique experiences to quench my thirst for the unknown. I have lived in 9 countries so far and visited around 40, learned 8 languages and made invaluable friendships around the globe. This international exposure has widen my horizons, enriched my perspective of life and fueled my passion for a traveling lifestyle.

I am a natural extrovert and storyteller, taking great joy in transmitting my energy, optimism and empathy through my travel writing and photography on my travel blog Exploring Berry. I always carry a notepad, pen and a camera wherever I go to ensure I capture the moment and details of any interesting experience worth sharing on my social media channels.

I'm happy to collaborate with brands sharing similar interests and outlook on life. I can contribute to social media channels, content writing and visual material during my travels, at home or dedicated press trips. If you are interested in promoting travel services and accessories, beach & resort clothing, outdoors equipment and fitness wear on my social media channels, contact me for a list of the amazing locations I will be visiting this year.

Thank you for stopping by! I'm looking forward to working with like-minded people!

Female, 32 years old

Madrid, Madrid, ES


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