About BioKare Supplements

BioKare provides relief for everyday problems with honest, real supplements that work — without the hype.

We are looking for influencers who believe in the power of natural care, and alternative medicine; who reflect our brands core values in their own health oriented lifestyles. We want you to help us spread awareness of natural healthcare and the benefits it offers, as well as help us increase our brand awareness in the process.

We’re not another company who makes products based on the latest fad, who will bait-and-switch you into purchasing a solution that doesn’t work. We’re a company that uses time-tested, organic ingredients, sourced from within the United States, to create low-cost, highly effective, all-natural supplements available directly to people who need it most.

BioKare believes that alternative medicine is often the best option for patients suffering from real life issues such as anxiety or sleep problems rather than overpriced prescriptions with dangerous side effects as well as high dependency and addiction rates. We want people to know that they do have alternative options for combating anxiety and sleep disorders; that they don't have to depend solely on sedative pharmaceuticals to get the relief they need!


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